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A couple of shownotes for Episode 55

Hey!  On Episode 55 I reviewed Jinny Beyer’s latest book and here it is – click on the image below and you will end up at Amazon.


I also announced the winner of the Pastimes Online Sponsorship giveaway of a quilt that I made.  In case you missed it – the winner is Gloria J.  Gloria, send me an email and we can work out the logistics! Congrats!

And if you didn’t win that one – don’t worry – there is another giveaway afoot. The prize is a magazine titled ‘Mary Jane’s Farm’. You can learn more about this incredible woman at her website.

It is a Christmas issue and it looks awesome! Can you believe a listener donated it as a giveaway?? Very generous indeed.

Wondering how to enter?

Sinple – leave a comment about a project you have remembered and started or even finished because of the BEEN There DONE That philosophy.  Which, for those who don’t know is all about looking through your quilting magazines and books and the like and actually making one of the projects that you scanned through and thought ‘that’s nice; I should make that’ and then nada. Nothing. Forgotten. Stored on a Shelf. Well take them out! And let me know about it and I will draw a winner on the 31st of January.

Good luck everyone!

You can find me on twitter here

and facebook here.

Click here so you can see Denyse Schmidts’ newest fabric line.

Shownotes (??!!) For Episode 53 – So u Wanna start a Podcast?

Ok ok ok. I know, it’s shocking – there are actual show notes!

I figured this episode really needed them.

Quantitative needs:

Recording software – Audacity

Software required to convert Audicity file into an MP3 – LAME


A place to host your podcast – Blip

And a blog to accompany it….


An idea – something you REALLY like and can picture yourself talking about for a while and won’t mind looking stuff up every once in a while.

A format – it can be as strict or as lax as you like/have time for.

An audience – this is the tricky part.

Start with other podcasters – for instance, if you will be podcasting about quilting – contact me, brye, jean, michelle, jennifer, kelley, ruthanne, darla etc. and we (well, I am speaking for everyone here but I bet it’s true) will be more than happy to give you a shoutout on our show.

Become part of the community – leave comments on other people’s blogs, go on facebook, twitter, and all that jazz and comment, status update, and tweet about your new podcast.  Don’t be shy – just say HI!

Free motion quilting with Freezer Paper!

On episode 49 I talked about 1 of my newest uses for Freezer Paper. I absolutely love this! It makes me look like I can actually free motion quilt:)

Here is the quilt sandwich, prepared for quilting and tucking into the machine. Please note – I DID start from the center and worked my way out to the sides. I simply ironed the freezer paper shapes onto the quilt top and FMQ’d around them… so easy.

An example of Tami’s work!

On episode 50 – I spoke with Tami and she described one of her quilts – how about a visual for that?

Ok- Here’s the plan, Stan. And a Giveaway.

I’m thinking that with everything going on surrounding the blog and the podcast these days – I needs me a schedule.

I will be alternating out weekly (can you even believe it???) between a regular podcast, an interview podcast, and posting a new tutorial. However – I still cannot promise actual show notes – they will likely show up intermittently as individual posts when I remember! Hey, we can’t expect the world here, people. I go with my strengths!

Also – I believe I have found a solution to the fabulous pitiful excuse for a forum that we have going on… However, keep signing up for it because everyone (except perhaps the one’s whose email ends with zmail.ru) signed up will automatically be invited to the new home.  Which, I am happy to say I have found and I really do believe it’s what we’ve been looking for! Just doing a bit of housekeeping and then we can rock it out get out our projects and share. It’s going to be GR-e-AT! Just like Tony the Tiger says!!

Tony The Tiger

So in honor of this miraculous occassion (ok, maybe it’s not miracle, but it’s pretty darn close) I will be having another giveaway!

Comment on this post for a chance to win  this magazine!


Shownotes for Episode 44 – what are those lines Allie?

During the show – I did my best to describe the lines I drew on my work table. These lines were to assist in better pressing – keeping everything lined up.

These are the lines…

Basically, the space between the vertical lines match up with the size of the pieces I would press open.

I thought I would show you an example.  However – the house quilt now looks like this:

After Max attacked the perfectly assembled assembly line of yesteryear – I decided that perhaps I should just put it aside.  Come back to it when I can laugh about it.

The name of the quilt has been chosen – from now on it will be known as

‘The house that Maxie built’.

Shownotes for Episode 43 – the NQA quilt show photos!

Love this landscape quilt! I was totally sold as soon as I saw this photo!

The website for Country Stencils


Bonnie Blue fabrics

The website for Bonnie Blue Fabrics

Shownotes for Episode 41

Well, the big news on this show is my new machine – the cricut!

A visual of the shapes I described during the show.

A visual of the shapes I described during the show.

With my cel phone do give you an idea of the size.  And the back of the heart already has fusible on it!

With my cel phone do give you an idea of the size. And the back of the heart already has fusible on it! Oh, and the fabric it is on is the backing fabric I picked up in Pomeroy.

The machine

The machine

The keyboard for this particular set of shapes - each cartridge comes with it's own removable keyboard - how neat!

The keyboard for this particular set of shapes - each cartridge comes with it's own removable keyboard - how neat!

I still haven't used this newer version of the Guidelines for Quilting Ruler System...

I still haven't used this newer version of the Guidelines for Quilting Ruler System...

I emailed the company looking for more information on this because there website, while fantastic; doesn’t seem to have any info on this one!

And not mentioned in this episode – but yes, another cutting system has entered the Studio of madness – Remember a while back I’d asked if anyone had tried this – well, since noone answered me (ha-rumph!) I figured I should just check it out for myself.  I used my 40% off coupon at Jo-ann’s plus a 10% memorial day discount and made sure it was returnable.  BUT guess what?? It really works! I love it. (darn! – no, really, it’s ok, I need another cutter) The fabric doesn’t slip around and the cuts are clean and sharp.  Uses a regular 45mm blade.

And finally, for today’s post anyway – here is the picture of what Denise in Ca. did with the Fraktur scraps – isn’t it fabulous?!

Denise Fraktur

Shownotes for Episode 38 Tip-py Toe!

Be sure to check out the latest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting April 2009 for the majority of the tips I chatted about on this episode!

This is the quilt I loved! Little birdies:)


Here’s  the link for the organization posts on Whip-up that I mentioned.

The 2 questions I asked:

1) When does a WIP (work in progress) become a UFO (Unfinished object) and can that UFO become a FQ (Finished Quilt)?

2) Do you press your seams open or to one side? WHY??


Shownotes for Episode 36 Eat Crow and let’s have cake.

So, this episode has me eating a little crow because I previously dissed the Quilter’s Home magazine and now – after trying it again – it does have its’ merits!

I also reviewed this book by Claire Garland.


And this book ‘Scraps and Shirttails: Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle!’ by Bonnie K. Hunter.


I am continuing to work on this quilt. It’s called Fraktur – I’ve posted about it before.  It is really interesting to see how much my abilities have changed/grown since the beginning as this was one of the very first quilts I ever started!


I have also prepared the top left and right corners (prepared for applique by gluing into place with Glue Baste It ) I haven't updated the photo because the camera is upstairs and if I don't post this now - I don't know when I will!

Glue Baste It


A close up of the center square which will be 'medallionized' with pieced half-square triangles when the quilt is set.


Close up of the applique. I appliqued the center petals onto the flower by hand before appliqueing the blue one's by machine.


A blurry (sorry) shot of one of the side blocks which features this flower.


Not just another pretty face! The wings took a very long time to get just right...


And this is what a block looks like before I applique - everything is in its place before I start to sew. This way - I do all the green thread first and then the next color and so on...


Close ups...

Close ups...

Close ups...