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I guess I should be happy…

That I am just moving and not in the middle of the Civil War…





Alive and kicking and still fighting the war…

Spent the last 5 days in Athens, Oh, our new ‘home town’.  It’s so beautiful and friendly – can’t wait to go:)  We put an offer on a house!


Still going back and forth with the details, but it’s looking good!

And yes, I will have a sewing room – but it will have to be in the basement (which is fine by me) and it will need to be ‘designed’ – boo hoo (not!)

And I have been working on some blocks, I think.


I HAVE made some CW blocks, but have yet to take the pictures, whoops!

AND you just have to check out this fabric, prairie paisley… I’m in love!



Apparently, I am supposed to follow through….

And actually POST the shownotes that I speak of during the podcast, geesh, you learn something new every day!

Here are the pictures of the Civil War Quilt paper piecing progress…

This is the back of the block I posted last week! Remember the dime?

Here is this week’s block: My joints definitely could have been better, the white stripes should match up…

I love the texture you get with paper piecing

Whoops! I guess this is why the joints didn’t line up, I put it together wrong!  Am I going to fix it?  NOPE!!

I super duper promise to post examples of chipboard and other cool stuff VERY soon!

Shownotes for Episode 17

OK – here is the infamous (?) block with the tiny tiny square in a square center… It is from the Civil War Book page 86/87 and the block is titled ‘Gardening’


The top photo shows my ‘tip off the old podcast’ for this week – using a small water spritzer and a wooden iron on your foundation paper piecing. With Carol Doak’s paper – the printing bleeds when spritzed – not too bad, but it does. With some non-descript paper that I must have purchases from J. Hittle; no bleeding. Go figure.

Also – do use the add an eighth ruler! It really cuts down on bulk!

If you are interested in EQ6 – then this is the best price I found.… You need to add it to your basket for the discounted price to show up…

Book-e-Pod A Great Japanese embroidery book. You can find it at this ETSY shop .


Dear Jane, I’ve been through a War

Here are some shots of my latest efforts with regards to the Dear Jane and The Civil War Quilts. Civil War First! Civilwar_3 Civilwar_1


And the Dear Jane Blocks:






Finally! Civil War Progress

I have been working on this project, I swear I have!  And here’s proof!

I figured the best to keep their little names (or rather book refererence) clear was to label them… but how?   AHA! Blue tape to the rescue!

Civil War Quilt Progress

OK – still not much to show for it – but I did receive the love letters book and have cut out the pieces for page. 13

Not bad considering last night was a work night and I usually accomplish about  – um – nothing!

The Civil War Quilt

So – here is my progress….

I have selected some fabric.  I have purchased the love letters book.

Next stop – sew up some blocks and post them here!!!

civil war diary quilt