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Hi Everyone!

Thanks for coming by the site – it means so much to me!

I produce a podcast called ‘Within A Quarter Inch’ – it’s about quilting and crafting – my life as it were.

I am married and have  TWO (they will turn 3 on Thanksgiving Day!) year old TWINS! Can you say ‘busy momma’?

About a year ago (December 8th, 2008 but whose counting?) I  chose to stay home and be a SAHM and couldn’t be happier. After being in the accounting/business/financial reporting world for 10 years – this is the best decision I ever made.

We will have to tighten a couple of strings – or thread, as the case may be – but I’m sure we will manage.

Again, thanks for stopping by and please subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss an episode.

dancing at our wedding

16 Responses

  1. I am so happy for you Life is always a balancing act, and choices need to be made You will find a way to make your choices work It will be good for your children, and give you a chance to be a stay at home Mom. If it isn’t to your liking, there will always be another job to be found

  2. Allison, Thanks so much for doing your podcast; I love listening. You have a beautiful voice and by listening to you l feel motivated to quilt. I don’t care if some of them don’t even contain any information about quilting; so ignore those horrid comments.

    Congratulations on becoming a SAHM. I’m happy that you are happy. Enjoy it all.

  3. Hi, nice concept, well laid out…..but? Got clear sound but no pictures from the podcast…pity as it all looks so interesting.
    Cheers, Jacqui
    New Zealand

  4. Allison, thank you for creating and continuing your podcast! As a single mom, I can certainly identify with your just-a-quarter-inch-away-from-chaos life. I listen to you when I escape to my sewing room – thank you for your great tip quilts and reassuring voice!

  5. Hey, it’s so nice to hear from you again, I like seeing your posts
    pop up in my Google Reader

  6. Hi there Allison!
    Just want to tell you how much I love your podcast, you keep me company when I sew, clean up the kitchen or take a walk. You really make me laugh (although I have to say people are looking at me when I’m in a public place). I have downloaded all the episodes, so I still have quilte a few hours left, but keep them coming:-)

  7. I just love your podcast, I discovered it about a month ago and always listen to it at the gym. I have a young daughter and I swear you are like the fun friend who you can say anything to. I discovered today that your only 2 hours from us in Ohio, how funny is that! Keep it up.

  8. Thanks for the podcast. Like Christine I discovered your podcast about a month ago and enjoyed them while commuting to work. I enjoyed them so much that I got on I-tunes and downloaded the entire past podcast sessions that were listed. Listening to you really motivates me to want to go to my sewing room as soon as I get home from work and just sew on a quilting project. You are like a breath of fresh air in the summer. You’re like getting a call from a long time friend. I hope you are able to podcast for many years.

  9. Hey Allison, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your podcasts. They have kept me entertained over the last several months. Tonight, when my husband and I went to see an ‘intense’ movie (District 9), I pulled out my trusty itouch and listened to something friendly and fun—-you!
    When my children were small, I was never able to complete even a fraction of the sewing you accomplish. Keep up the great work!

  10. I have been listening to your podcasts for well over a year now. I really enjoy your sense of humor. We do have a couple things in common, but it’s not our ages, sadly I am older. We both live in college towns, but I do have a quilt shop in mine. We also had a drunken college student try to break into our house. He was banging on our front door in the middle of the night. He thought he was at Jack’s house. It was in the fall of the year also, and the only thing I could think of was to hit him with a pumpkin if he got in. The police took him away. I also did craft fairs when I was a stay at home mom. Anyway, keep on podcasting, I look forward to hearing about your quilty experiences.

  11. Oh poo, I probably messed up now. I went into FACEBOOK (I hate that darn thing anyway) and FRIEND requested thinking I’d get to write a small message…but nooooow, ‘course not. So, I could not tell you I’m one of your Podcast liteners, so now you’ll probably block me UNLESS YOU READ THIS FIRST. I just wanted to stay in the loop.

    I hope you Podcast soon or dear ol’ Brye has an excusue to not do one either….yea, I remember her comment on that (giggle).

    All the best!

    Sparkkle Sox

  12. Just started downloading (from i-tunes) and listening to the podcasts. Personally I like your rambly style. Love hearing about your views on things and what’s going on with you and the family. Of course, I also enjoy the quilty-crafty talk. Keep up the podcasts!

  13. Hi Allison – have you any recent podcasts ?? episode 64 done at the end of November 2010 is the last I can find – and as a new listener I need more !!

    thanks daisy

  14. I just downloaded your first two podcasts last night and listened to the first one on my way to work this morning. While a part of me wishes I had been following your podcasts from the beginning, a bigger part of me is glad I have a whole stash to listen to all at once. It’s like a big present waiting to be opened, a little at a time! Plus, I’m a new quilter and a new member of the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild, so quilting is a whole new world for me. Thank you!

  15. I thought I read on one of your blog posts the need to have a solution for an insert on a sewing table. I have had this problem and created a solution if you or anyone is interested. Please take a look on my blog Ozone Studio:

    I am working at organizing my studio with your tips! Love them! Thank you very much for tackling this.

  16. Please consider podcasting again! I REALLY LVED listening to Within a Quarter Inch!!!!

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