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Sneak Peak at a new project!

Hi everyone – I have decided to enter the pattern making realm – OY – what am I doing? It is going to be a while until its’ done because the kids don’t exactly give me long spurts of any sort of time…

But here is one shot of the pattern making in progress – I’m a picture kind of girl so there will lots of them included in the pattern.

Picture of the pattern in progress - more of a how do you make this??

Picture of the pattern in progress - more of a how do you make this??

New podcast in the midst of being recorded!!


Wow – am I ever excited – the Alphabet Match Game has SOLD!!

Nothing like a sale to make someone feel great.

I have more items to post in the shop and of course, a new PODCAST coming as well. I would have recorded yesterday, but the twins decided not to nap yesterday.  We are doing really well with the new SAHM thing – but less so when naps don’t happen….

At long last – a Quilty ETSY shop update!

I have been working on this ETSY shop update (with all of ONE item!!) for weeks – and I am so pleased with how it turned out!

Please have a look – let me know what you think – how can I make it even better??

Alphabet game

It’s an Alphabet Mix and Match (well, really just Match, I suppose!) game that is completely safe for children of all ages.  I am so glad that I finally got to use parts of nearly every Japanese book I’ve ever purchased – tweak this, tweak that, and voila, my own creation….

John Flynn Quilt Frame

I purchased the John Flynn Quilting Frame  at the PIQS in Santa Clara earlier this year (or was it last year?) and it sat unopened until this past weekend- and OMG – I love it!  It really turns your home sewing machine into a quilting machine with ease. The DVD made it super simple to set up.  I will say though, that it boasts ‘no basting’ but you do have to baste your quilt ends onto the rods – so in a way – you do ‘baste’. 

En tout cas, it’s wonderful….

AND the quilt that is on the frame in this picture is a sneak peak of a new quilt that will soon be available in my Etsy shop!