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Find all of the Episodes HERE!!!

Once again, I am trying to have all of the Episodes of Within A Quarter Inch in 1 tidy place.  I found a great new (free) hosting service and have uploaded all of them!  Have a listen if you like.

Edited: I finished! All of the episodes AND tutorials can be found at the link above.

17 Responses

  1. Just wondering if you have any podcasts before episode 23? I love your podcasts and wanted to catch up.

  2. Hi Allison
    Nice to hear your voice again. I’m a dedicated ‘Annie’ listener, probably how I found you originally. But I am having trouble listening to your podcasts. I get interrupted and have to go back to the beginning… Can I download them onto my computer and then my Treo Smart Phone? I can’t find a place to do that.
    BTW Annie interview me with my 12 yr old son for Quilting with Kids #134 from Sept 08. Maybe you heard it.

  3. I am having a terrible time downloading your podcasts to my Zune. I am able to download other podcasts (Annie’s, Cupcake, etc.) Is yours actually a video? Maybe that makes a difference? Any suggestions you could send me would be greatly appreciated. I’ve heard great reviews of your work and would really like to hear you!!! Thx, Kathleen

  4. Listening to some of your older podcasts, I tried to get Episode #9 – The BOM(b) but it wouldn’t come up (or it did come up but when I pressed “play” all I got was silence). I play podcasts on my laptop while I am quilting.

    Is there anyway to re-upload that episode? I am especially interested in that episode since in the recent Epidose 53 you said your took apart a lot of the BOM kits, I’d love to know what you had before.

  5. can you send me an invite to big tent?
    (i am assuming you can see my email address) if not let me know

  6. Also trying to get you on to my Zune. Please load it on there site !!

  7. Hi!

    I have submitted the podcast to the Zune directory. It may take a few days to be approved. Thank you so much for your interest!

  8. please give me an invitation to big tent

  9. Where did you post your older pod cast? I just realized the blip tv started at 30-31 …. I am interested in downloading the older pod cast too even if they are out of date… comment wise.

    Thank YOU

  10. Hi Allison,

    Just wanted to let you know that there I am enjoying your podcasts and hope that you are back to it soon. The last one left off at you putting your house up for donations of $1000 a piece. I’m thinking that didn’t go over, but it seems from looking at your site that you did sell your house and have moved. I hope you are getting settled in including getting your quilting space in order. Good luck with that and come back to podcasting soon!

    Our best,
    Ann Marie

  11. Hey Allison – I literally just stumbled upon your blog/website – it’s great – I think your applique is fabulous – very creative, etc. – not the “norm” for this town – we’ll talk Tuesday.

  12. Hey Allison,
    I am 12 years old and I love quilting and LOVE your podcast. I have made 2 quilts. I love your podcast and cant wait for more! My mom loves them too. I am also your facebook friend. 🙂
    Your friend
    Maria Sarah

  13. I can’t find you on itunes anymore. Nor is my old feed to the podcast on itunes working. When I try to subscribe using your itunes link, itunes says :
    There are no playable episodes for “Within a Quarter Inch” The URL might point to text-only episodes that itunes cannot play. help!

  14. Hi Allison, stumbled upon your podcasts on itunes and they are absolutely fabulous. I enjoy them so much and have picked up some great imfo. I hope your twins are doing well, and hope someday soon you will be adding to your podcast lineup. Keep up your style it is really great and enjoyable. still on the fabric diet? lol

  15. Is it possible to get a copy of your Stargazing paper pieced pattern?

  16. I’ve really missed the podcast, please consider doing it again 🙂

  17. Podcasting is still very popular these days despite the rise in popularity of microblogger. ‘

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