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My new applique pattern is almost ready!!

Remember when I said on my podcast that I was designing a new applique pattern?

I thought you might like a wee bit of a peak…


My latest Applique Tools!

On the last episode (The Minutia of Quilting) I spoke of several items that I have been using to better my applique preparations.

The color shapers are invaluable for use with the starch method of preparing applique shapes.  They would also work really well for the glue method.

I have also found that the combination of photo software (paint shop pro, for example) and Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot software allows me to create unique applique designs and cut them out straight onto freezer paper and voila! Perfectly cut applique templates.

I’m in love.

And Sew it is…

I had a FABULOUS time at the National Quilt Association’s 41st Annual Quilt Show in Columbus, Ohio yesterday.  Today, June 20th is my 39th birthday – all I wanted was to go to this quilt show without the twins, for the whole day, and without being expected to prepare breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.  Thanks Jarrod for giving me everything I wanted:)

The quilts were so extraordinarily gorgeous – this was one of the first times that I actually spent time (because I had it!) looking at all of the quilts, photographing some, and drooling over many more!  I hope to be able to keep posting more of these impressive quilts over the next little while!



Gee, I guess I can TOTALLY relate to getting carried away!


It is SO big that the whole quilt isn’t even displayed! It is folded over at the top.


The detail is incredible.  I mean, look at that basket! All of those lines are appliqued – all of those flowers are made up of many layers… wow.


Little, Tiny Circles.


I love the color choice of this flower! It is all 1 piece and it is perfect.

More to come!

I wish real estate could always be this easy.

M is for….

Here is a sample of a block done with the upside-down freezer paper applique technique.

M is for ….

And a new podcast has been recorded and will be posted forthwith!

Holy Batman Craziness! An applique technique REVOLUTION!

Well, it’s a revolution to me, at least and I think I’m pretty well versed at applique techniques at the point.

I just watched a youtube video that shows how you can use freezer paper without starch and without glue in an ingenious way.  I have never even heard of this and CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T THINK OF IT MYSELF. (not that I’m brilliant but i can add 2 plus 2).

You use the WAX of the freezer paper ITSELF as the adhesive! And you don’t have a gluey mess to deal with at the end to remove the freezer paper because  they isn’t any glue touching the freezer paper!! Really – you must watch this video.

Holy Batman I got myself some applique to do!

Houses Houses Houses – what I’m working on.

I love houses. Always have. Always will. This started out as a Block of the Month using the pattern from the book by Fig Tree Quilts. It is ending very differently.

Original BOM

All houses and no birds would be wrong, no? Those little circles? Cut the freezer paper with my cricut - ironed onto the wool - and then cut them out! The bird is a chip board shape from my scrapbooking days and the fabric is home dec weight.

This is an example of a simple tracing onto steam a seam lite 2 - see the next photo for the item I traced.

The traced item is on the right. It is a house cut out of felt (a child's toy from the '80's that my children are not yet allowed to touch... I'm so mean. But - this way I can use the image again and again!

Love the marti michelle house template - but STARCH STARCH STACH iron iron iron cut cut cut sew sew sew ....

And keeping track of all the little pieces can be challenging...