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My new applique pattern is almost ready!!

Remember when I said on my podcast that I was designing a new applique pattern?

I thought you might like a wee bit of a peak…


Hexagon Love…

I’m not sure where this is going – but I am having fun getting there! The GO! cutter hexagon die is my current favorite!

For some of the hexagons – I sewed the smallest to the middle sized and the cut in half and sewed different pair together.

Others, I left alone (ie solid hexagons).  I am glad that I like the look better! Less work:)

Mix in a couple of tumbling blocks and it’s all fun! I am even learning to love Y seams:)

Sneak Peak at a new project!

Hi everyone – I have decided to enter the pattern making realm – OY – what am I doing? It is going to be a while until its’ done because the kids don’t exactly give me long spurts of any sort of time…

But here is one shot of the pattern making in progress – I’m a picture kind of girl so there will lots of them included in the pattern.

Picture of the pattern in progress - more of a how do you make this??

Picture of the pattern in progress - more of a how do you make this??

New podcast in the midst of being recorded!!