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A Finish!

It has been a long (like embarrassingly long) time since I have had a real ‘finish’!! Oh sure, there have been lots of starts – but no finishes! I had forgotten how good it feels!

Do you remember the Seams of Opal quilt? That I posted about and did tutorials one, two, three and four about? I also had an update about it here.

Well – this is the grand finale of updates!

When my nephew ‘baby Jack’ was born – I knew this quilt had to be his.  It is the perfect ‘throw on the floor and add baby’ quilt – lots to look at and tons of texture.

Originally 100 6 inch squares large – it had been made smaller because somewhere between Ohio and our final landing place I lost 6 blocks! And really – I didn’t feel like going back to the beginning (see massive tutorials above!) and he is just a small baby (and he isn’t a twin!) so how many square feet does he need? AND my mommy is going to take some of the (now) extra blocks and make him a big floor pillow to go along with it!

So without further adieu (and I really need to paint that floor – add it to the studi-O-rganization)

Here it is! I LOVE HOW IT TURNED OUT! If there is a repeated fabric in here – it was an accident! So much to see and ‘spy’ and if each block is 6 inches plus about  2 inches of sashing then this quilt is about 62*62 inches (or about 5 feet square). Plenty big for lots of activities!

And the back ain’t no slouch either! This quilt is a quilt as you go ‘a la Allison’ (again, see tutorials above) and each block has a different backing fabric and therefore it is a reversible ‘I Spy quilt’! Can you say ‘greatest Aunt ever is forgiven for  not having this ready for his birth???’ Hey, I can try, right?

A closer view of the front.

A much closer (and slightly out of focus) view of 1 block. Each block has a different free motion quilted motif in the center square and then the rest is ditch quilted.

I used my prized  Bias Tape Maker
for this quilt and really, I can’t say enough about this machine! I love it! It spits out perfect bias tape every time!

I hope this little guy loves it (the quilt, not the machine) as much as I love him!

Oh and YES there will be an organizing post very soon! Starting with Fabric:)

Seams of Opal Progress report!

For anyone who hasn’t been following along with the Seams of Opal project – you can see video tutorials here:

Part 1 – getting your materials together and start cutting

Part 2 – sewing with the paper piecing method

Part 3 – Free Motion Machine Quilting with Freezer Paper Templates

Part 4 – Assembling the QUILT AS YOU GO!

And now for the progress report – I have finished paper piecing 100 blocks (finished 6.5″) and I have also finished free motion quilting the center square for all of them.  Now I am stitching the ditch for the remainder… Wonder if I can finish before the move!

Assembly line paper piecing…

Assembly line trimming….

Closed up a free motion center square (each is different)

It’s coming along!

I wish real estate could always be this easy.

Let the Hex love live on…

Still lovin’ the Hexagons! I really need to work on my binding efforts, though!

Quilted, of course.

And, the back.

The ‘No Coke, Pepsi’ Fairy.

There was a skit on TV when I was a little girl (maybe on SNL) where the guy would say, ‘No Coke, Pepsi’ and my Dad has been repeating it since! So this fairy is for you Dad – well, not in a fairy way.

Seams of Opal Continues…

The seams of opal quilt continues on toward the 100 block goal… I have pulled it out again and started to chain sew/chain press/ chain cut/ repeat!  So easy to pick up and put down without losing my place! So little time lately to get into the studio so this is a great one to have out.

M is for….

Here is a sample of a block done with the upside-down freezer paper applique technique.

M is for ….

And a new podcast has been recorded and will be posted forthwith!

A few more hexagons added…

I am really started to like this little project! Aside from the Y-seams, of course.  But they get easier with practice; I swear.

Hexagon Love…

I’m not sure where this is going – but I am having fun getting there! The GO! cutter hexagon die is my current favorite!

For some of the hexagons – I sewed the smallest to the middle sized and the cut in half and sewed different pair together.

Others, I left alone (ie solid hexagons).  I am glad that I like the look better! Less work:)

Mix in a couple of tumbling blocks and it’s all fun! I am even learning to love Y seams:)

Three little aprons – sitting in a tree – no wait, that’s not right.

One of those business cards handed out at the bazaar ended up in the hands of a really nice lady who needed a holiday gift for 2 little girls (4 year old twins!). She asked if I could make aprons? My response? I can make anything… (thank goodness they didn’t require a zipper!)

The top one in this picture is the first attempt – it is now Sarah’s! Nothing ‘wrong’ with it; but you know you always learns better construction methods as you go. The botton 2 are the one’s I sold. I hope those little girls liked them!