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It’s a card. And it’s actually Green.


It really is green, hence the name ‘Green Card’ I suppose.

Green Card without picture. Property of US Gov...

Green Card without picture. Property of US Government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I got one! Hoot. Holler and carry on I tell ya’!


Can I just tell you that I so enjoy listening to all of the quilting podcasts and that I would really like to start up again. If only there weren’t so many hurdles in the way! I wish they were a ‘push this button and poof you are self hosted and all your old stuff is all there and can upload your shows directly to your own site’ instead of going through middle men that are hit and miss at best.

And while I may be ‘all that and a piece of cake’ social media maven for C&T Publishing (tongue deep in cheek – I pinch myself everyday that they haven’t caught on to me yet…) I did not have to do anything ‘techy’ to get it set up, I just roll with it – you know?

So here is a proposition of sorts… Does anyone want to be that button? I pay handsomely in praise, goodwill, and I have quite a lovely stash of fabrics, notions, and books that I would barter for the button in a heartbeat….

I have so much to tell you guys!! And let’s face it, I never was much of a ‘blogger for withinaqaurterinch’ (don’t tell my boss! ha!) I was a podcaster, and I want to be one again.

Oh and here is something that has me quite intrigued…

citysampler by Tula Pink Quilt Along

A quilt along hosted by Sara from SewSweetness  for Tula Pink’s book, 100 Modern Quilt BlocksI just ordered it from Amazon. As Sara says in her post, I missed the whole Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along and this one seems a lot more attainable in any case. (oh and – this is not a C&T book, so no affliliation!)

Seams of Opal Progress report!

For anyone who hasn’t been following along with the Seams of Opal project – you can see video tutorials here:

Part 1 – getting your materials together and start cutting

Part 2 – sewing with the paper piecing method

Part 3 – Free Motion Machine Quilting with Freezer Paper Templates

Part 4 – Assembling the QUILT AS YOU GO!

And now for the progress report – I have finished paper piecing 100 blocks (finished 6.5″) and I have also finished free motion quilting the center square for all of them.  Now I am stitching the ditch for the remainder… Wonder if I can finish before the move!

Assembly line paper piecing…

Assembly line trimming….

Closed up a free motion center square (each is different)

It’s coming along!

Episode 56 Shop Hopping et al

Let’s take a magic journey through the shop hopping world of quilting…plus a little (lot?) of other stuff!

Episode 37 Applique, Applique, Applique!! a la Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!!

Hey, welcome back!  In this episode we chat about half square triangles, and yup, you guessed it, Applique!

Shownotes for Episode 36 Eat Crow and let’s have cake.

So, this episode has me eating a little crow because I previously dissed the Quilter’s Home magazine and now – after trying it again – it does have its’ merits!

I also reviewed this book by Claire Garland.


And this book ‘Scraps and Shirttails: Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle!’ by Bonnie K. Hunter.


I am continuing to work on this quilt. It’s called Fraktur – I’ve posted about it before.  It is really interesting to see how much my abilities have changed/grown since the beginning as this was one of the very first quilts I ever started!


I have also prepared the top left and right corners (prepared for applique by gluing into place with Glue Baste It ) I haven't updated the photo because the camera is upstairs and if I don't post this now - I don't know when I will!

Glue Baste It


A close up of the center square which will be 'medallionized' with pieced half-square triangles when the quilt is set.


Close up of the applique. I appliqued the center petals onto the flower by hand before appliqueing the blue one's by machine.


A blurry (sorry) shot of one of the side blocks which features this flower.


Not just another pretty face! The wings took a very long time to get just right...


And this is what a block looks like before I applique - everything is in its place before I start to sew. This way - I do all the green thread first and then the next color and so on...


Close ups...

Close ups...

Close ups...

Episode 32 Shownotes! Pictures of the goodies…

A quilty day in Columbus

Episode 32 A (Quilty) Day in Columbus

Max and I had a great day together in Columbus – we hit that town hard!

Episode 31 Did somebody say Ducktape??

In this episode of the podcast (which I am posting from the office – ssshh, don't tell! and therefore have no intro or extro (is extro a word?) music) I ramble on about rulers and ironing and other oh so fun stuff.  And yes, I said Ducktape.

Episode 30 Multi Quilting

OK well, I love this phrase and went on a bit of a tangent, bear with me; I had a lot of coffee this morning:)

Download episode_30_multi_quilting.mp3

So let’s say you wanted to get ALL 25 Episodes

in your itunes, and you can't because Stupid silly typepad pages get TOO heavy and take forever to load if you have too many posts to a page, so I limit it to 5 which means that usually only 1 episode is ever available at a given time.

But now let's say, and I'm just saying, that maybe you wanted to be able to download ALL 25 Fantasticly Awesome pretty OK episodes – THEN, you should go here:


and click the button that says 'subscribe with itunes' (right hand side of the page…)

AND I am working on uploading all 25 of these labors of love!