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Pinterest… A giveaway!


Update: We are only 8 away from 4,000 as of September 1st. Thank you so much for playing along, and soon, the giveaways!


Hey guys!

I love Pinterest – (so do you, I suppose!) and I have been pinning and curating all kinds of crafty goodness since the site launched!

I am really close to 4,000 followers – in fact, right now I have 3,917.

So – in the interest of reaching a little goal of mine – I am having a giveaway for anyone who helps me get there!

And it’s a GOOD one!

1 winner will receive the gorgeous, July release from Stash Books, A Month of Sundays, written by Cheryl Arkison of Sunday Morning Quilts fame!

A Month of Sundays and another winner will receive a new release from Barbara H. Cline, Diamond Chain Quilts, she also wrote Simply Triangles – which is also an awesome book!

Diamond Chain Quilts

Full Disclosure! I work for C&T Publishing–the publisher of both these titles.

So all you have to do is follow me on Pinterest – then leave a comment saying that you have done so – and I will randomly pick 2  winners on AS SOON AS I HIT 4,000 FOLLOWERS. The winners will be notified by email and added as an update to this post. Please note that International winners will receive e-books versions. (Sorry gals, I can’t afford Int’l shipping:( )


PPS. Thanks for playing:)


The brown truck just dropped this off

Scandinavian Needlecraft

I have always loved this style of craftsmanship!  And this book, by Clare Youngs and published by CICO books in 2010,  does not disappoint. From the projects to the instructions and from the aesthetics to the photography – it’s an all around keeper:)


Learning Japanese is harder than it would seem…

I have been trying to figure out the best way to learn how to READ Japanese so that I can more fully enjoy all of my ‘oh so delicious’ Japanese language craft books.

So far – everything, from websites to blogs to dictionaries to books to podcasts, have all focused on conversational Japanese.  Not what I’m looking for…

Tonight – we went to ‘China Panda’ for dinner – they also serve a Japanese menu.  My big plan was to put a Japanese book on the table and see if anyone commented…  I would then inquire as to whether or not they would like to tutor me!  Alas, everyone there was Chinese.

My hunt continues!

Books, Magazines, Delicious, Bloglines, Google Reader…

Between the magazines, the books, the internet and the brain at large – it seems that I am so filled with ‘ideas to try’ that none of them ever get done…

Stay tuned for the community of been there DONE that!

Shownotes for Episode 36 Eat Crow and let’s have cake.

So, this episode has me eating a little crow because I previously dissed the Quilter’s Home magazine and now – after trying it again – it does have its’ merits!

I also reviewed this book by Claire Garland.


And this book ‘Scraps and Shirttails: Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle!’ by Bonnie K. Hunter.


I am continuing to work on this quilt. It’s called Fraktur – I’ve posted about it before.  It is really interesting to see how much my abilities have changed/grown since the beginning as this was one of the very first quilts I ever started!


I have also prepared the top left and right corners (prepared for applique by gluing into place with Glue Baste It ) I haven't updated the photo because the camera is upstairs and if I don't post this now - I don't know when I will!

Glue Baste It


A close up of the center square which will be 'medallionized' with pieced half-square triangles when the quilt is set.


Close up of the applique. I appliqued the center petals onto the flower by hand before appliqueing the blue one's by machine.


A blurry (sorry) shot of one of the side blocks which features this flower.


Not just another pretty face! The wings took a very long time to get just right...


And this is what a block looks like before I applique - everything is in its place before I start to sew. This way - I do all the green thread first and then the next color and so on...


Close ups...

Close ups...

Close ups...

I just ordered this book…. Oh I can’t wait until it arrives!

From this Etsy shop

Has anyone seen this new book? Opinions?

OK – I am dying to buy this book, but I really want to know if other’s have enjoyed it first…

any opinions you would like to share??