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It’s the $19.99 sale time at Craftsy!

I wait all year for the amazing $19.99 sale at Craftsy!

Every class is $19.99 or less and that only happens once a year. 

Craftsy runs flash sales, sales, pre-sales, peek-a-boo sales, coupons, you called your gramma sales, and more all the time. 

Fine, maybe they don’t have ‘you called your gramma sales’ but you get the picture. 

But THIS sale – THIS SALE is the grand-poo-ba of them all. 

Yes, I have something to gain from this because 

A) I will be buying classes on sale

B) if you click over from my site and indulge yourself in this awesome of awesomest Craftsy sales, I will get affiliate money. So thanks!



Pinterest… A giveaway!


Update: We are only 8 away from 4,000 as of September 1st. Thank you so much for playing along, and soon, the giveaways!


Hey guys!

I love Pinterest – (so do you, I suppose!) and I have been pinning and curating all kinds of crafty goodness since the site launched!

I am really close to 4,000 followers – in fact, right now I have 3,917.

So – in the interest of reaching a little goal of mine – I am having a giveaway for anyone who helps me get there!

And it’s a GOOD one!

1 winner will receive the gorgeous, July release from Stash Books, A Month of Sundays, written by Cheryl Arkison of Sunday Morning Quilts fame!

A Month of Sundays and another winner will receive a new release from Barbara H. Cline, Diamond Chain Quilts, she also wrote Simply Triangles – which is also an awesome book!

Diamond Chain Quilts

Full Disclosure! I work for C&T Publishing–the publisher of both these titles.

So all you have to do is follow me on Pinterest – then leave a comment saying that you have done so – and I will randomly pick 2  winners on AS SOON AS I HIT 4,000 FOLLOWERS. The winners will be notified by email and added as an update to this post. Please note that International winners will receive e-books versions. (Sorry gals, I can’t afford Int’l shipping:( )


PPS. Thanks for playing:)

Help Found!

Yesterday, I posted about having (hopefully) found help for our son, Max, and in turn our entire family.

I am so pleased with the result!

Erica came over at 5:30pm and by 6:45 we had a little plan in place that we could immediately act upon. She educated us on how Max processes things because of autism.



We have known since Max was wee that he was ‘special needs’. He has had Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, and Speech therapy since he was one. (he’s 61/2 now).  We knew about the obvious difficulties because we could SEE them. He couldn’t crawl, sit, turnover, walk, jump, skip, ride a bike, swing, open a marker, put the cap back on, keep food in his mouth, blow bubbles, point to his knee, or tell us very much.

Through the help of all the therapists, he can do all of those things and more.

But he can’t dress himself, although progress has been made. He can’t brush his teeth himself, or bounce a ball, or hoola hoop. That’s OK though because we help him and he’s learning skills all the time.

I have been trying for years to get an occupational therapist to come to our home and help him learn those skills. They don’t teach teeth brushing in Kindergarten, you know? And while I certainly taught his twin sister, a typically developing over-achiever with a glint in her eye how to do it – those methods don’t work with him because of his problem with sensory processing.  I am his momma, I know him the best, but I never studied childhood education or anything like that. My own tool box was depleted.


When I said yesterday that we couldn’t get any services for him – I should have been more specific, we couldn’t find any services for him at home. We were told many times of these magical funds that provide things like free childcare where a trained professional would work one on one with him, and it just sounded so great! BUT – that’s when the bureaucracy crept in. There are no services in this town that will take on his case because he doesn’t have medicaid. Pure and Simple. He doesn’t qualify for help based on his disability alone because he is not ‘frail’. Therefore, you turn to medicaid which is for the child but looks at the resources of the parents and apparently we are too rich. And anything that is private has waiting lists. We have been on one list for 8 months – 8 months and we haven’t even been given an appointment time – we were just told that we would get one eventually. Another list, for a private Dr. (who does take insurance, but the co-pays are way high but that’s OK because it’s for Max) has had us on that one for 6 months.

We have seen clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists, and behaviorists, and even had children’s social services show up at my door (long and ridiculous story) and NONE of this was right for Max.

And in the meantime, his behavior at home is awful. He has terrific mood swings – in a minute he can be laughing, angry, and then weepy – without any outside indicator of what set this off. He is abstinent, mean, rude, he spits, jumps up and down, kicks, throws things, rips stuff, and uses every last ounce of patience and then some. We have no idea how to discipline him because who knows if he is really capable of processing a punishment. He has consistently tested as a 3-4 year old level (2-3 years delayed) and we just don’t know. One person says ‘he understands, lock him in his room for 20 minutes every time he has a tantrum’ another says ‘speak softly to him’ and so on.


My point (rambling that is is…) is that there were so many obstacles for him to overcome that we could SEE that autism never really entered the picture. The ‘indicator’ we were told to look for was whether or not he would make eye contact and oh boy, does he ever! He loves meeting new people and is extremely cute and friendly and inviting. But he can’t ‘play’ with them and he has never really had a friend. He gets very anxious over small changes, he sorts and re-sorts huge piles of things into categories that make sense to him.  He doesn’t accept verbal explanations. For example – he will ask for paint (which he wants to paint himself with – no problem, outside, have fun) and if we don’t have any he does not say ‘oh, ok’ he just keeps asking.

Once I started researching autism more and more – I realized that Max’s behavior aligned with so many of the indicators that there had to be more to his story.

And so a new search began. Instead of looking for an occupational therapist – I started researching resources for Autistic kids in the area. And THAT is how I came to find OASIS – a small company owned by two women who wanted to serve autistic kids in whatever setting they need. It is private. No insurance. No medicaid. But guess what – the amount they charge per hour is LESS than our out of pocket co-pay through insurance would be. Amazing system they have here. (Canada has its perks, but it also has limits on broadband..and yes I realize I am comparing healthcare to internet but hey, give me a break over here).

I have to say that having a child with autism always sounded so foreign to me. I remember very specifically, while pregnant, thinking, oh those poor parents – thank goodness I won’t have to deal with that whenever I heard about it on the radio or podcasts or anywhere.  So yes, there is a mind-set adjustment that has taken place.

There is also a huge sense of relief.

I feel like I understand him a little better now.

There is no cure for autism.

But there are specific things we can do communicate better with Max. There are specific things that Max can do to communicate better with us.

And Erica is helping us re-design our tool box of parenting skills and our whole family will be the better for it.

whoosh of air escaping from my body.

autismPS – all of your comments are dearly appreciated.

PPS – this is not going to turn into a blog all about autism – it has always been about my life, with a focus on quilting, and it seems my life keeps changing but through it all I keep quilting!

PPPS – I really hope that someone out there reads this one day and says ‘oh my god, me too’. We feel alone, but we’re not. 1 in 88 kids has autism.

enough with the P’s


Today is the day that we finally have someone coming to our home to help Max. It’s been a long road of Services that are NOT available through insurance – only through medicaid – which he is not eligible for because his parents make too much money (ha!! that’s a good one). A long road of waiting lists – two of which we are still on. But today is a big step in the (please please please) right direction. We have thought so before only to be told – nope, can’t help.

PS – Max has mild CP (hypotonia and ataxia in case you know what that means), poor gross motor planning skills, he is developmentally delayed, has no impulse control, and most recently, we are discovering that he is autistic.

2013-03-16 12.37.09And of course, it goes without saying that while he has some serious mood swings – he is as sweet as watermelon in August.

#citysamplerfun My City Sampler Process

So I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to participate in Sara’s (from Sew Sweetness) City Sampler Quilt Along featuring Tula Pink’s latest book City Sampler

First of all – I really like the book. I like that Tula decided not to name the blocks, but to number them instead and leave the naming to us. I also like the layout – a lot – on the left is the block as made by Tula and on the right is the block drawing that shows where seams are made and the cutting dimensions and uses the same fabrics as it has on the left page –  – but sketched to let the overall value come through rather than color.

This made choosing different fabrics than the ones she chose a lot easier because as long as you follow value, the quilt is going to work, and at 100 blocks, I sure as heck hope it looks good all together when its done!

#ctiysampler choosing fabriI say that it made choosing fabrics easier – but I lied! I may know the value I am looking for – but that certainly doesn’t mean I picked a fabric without agonizing over it!

Another thing I love about this book is that its vibe MADE ME FEEL like it’s OK to write in it, glue fabric to the pages, and anything else that makes this particular copy of the the book MINE!

#ctiysampler choosing fabri#ctiysampler choosing fabri

#ctiysampler choosing fabric

#ctiysampler choosing fabric

#ctiysampler choosing fabric

#ctiysampler choosing fabric

#ctiysampler choosing fabric

#ctiysampler choosing fabricI hope you enjoyed seeing my process of choosing fabrics! I have made more blocks since these photos were taken, and I do intend to update the blog as I go along.

But Allison – what are those papers you have paperclipped to the pages?

Those are freezer paper paper piecing pattens that I drafted using the measurements in the book. I love accuracy, and FPPP is my new favorite way to achieve it!

There is an amazing tutorial at the twiddletails shop that I always go back to if it’s been a while since I used the method.

It does take longer to piece each block, and I do have to figure out the best way to sew them so that it works with FPPP (or any paper-piecing method) but I enjoy the process so I’m cool with it.

It’s a card. And it’s actually Green.


It really is green, hence the name ‘Green Card’ I suppose.

Green Card without picture. Property of US Gov...

Green Card without picture. Property of US Government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I got one! Hoot. Holler and carry on I tell ya’!


Can I just tell you that I so enjoy listening to all of the quilting podcasts and that I would really like to start up again. If only there weren’t so many hurdles in the way! I wish they were a ‘push this button and poof you are self hosted and all your old stuff is all there and can upload your shows directly to your own site’ instead of going through middle men that are hit and miss at best.

And while I may be ‘all that and a piece of cake’ social media maven for C&T Publishing (tongue deep in cheek – I pinch myself everyday that they haven’t caught on to me yet…) I did not have to do anything ‘techy’ to get it set up, I just roll with it – you know?

So here is a proposition of sorts… Does anyone want to be that button? I pay handsomely in praise, goodwill, and I have quite a lovely stash of fabrics, notions, and books that I would barter for the button in a heartbeat….

I have so much to tell you guys!! And let’s face it, I never was much of a ‘blogger for withinaqaurterinch’ (don’t tell my boss! ha!) I was a podcaster, and I want to be one again.

Oh and here is something that has me quite intrigued…

citysampler by Tula Pink Quilt Along

A quilt along hosted by Sara from SewSweetness  for Tula Pink’s book, 100 Modern Quilt BlocksI just ordered it from Amazon. As Sara says in her post, I missed the whole Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along and this one seems a lot more attainable in any case. (oh and – this is not a C&T book, so no affliliation!)

it has been a week, i’ll tell ya

Last Saturday, hubby went out of town for a conference. (one week ago today) Sarah took ill. Cough. Fever. Poor dear.

Off to the clinic ($87.00 copay).

Tamisil (like the morning after pill but for the flu – I swear I have no better way to put it! and it curbs that monster but good) $67.00.

Sunday. Mom takes ill.

Monday. Sarah home from school. Max late for school. Mom calls in sick.

Tuesday. Sarah back at school. Max in school. But they are both late. Mom calls in sick on her deathbed. Dad comes homes with Stomach bug.

Wednesday. Sarah at school. Max gets picked up from school with 103 fever. Mom still on deathbed. Dad still… well, you know, it’s the stomach bug.

Max goes to clinic. Mom goes to clinic. $87.00 copay for two today, please. Tamisil for one. (the morning after not the morning after the morning after….)

Thursday. Max is home. Sarah throws up at school. Mom still on deathbed (but a deathbed that drives, mind you). Sarah at home.

Friday. We give up – no one is even trying to go to school this day.

Saturday. Today. Mom is coughing so much that her can picture her head splattering on the walls. Well, maybe not. But ouch.

Today: wash 4 loads of ‘for your puke only’ pillows, sheets, towels, clothes, snuggly friends, and perhaps toss a small pillow with a waffle print away that we all know was a goner.

Today: vinegar and water on the sofa where ‘maybe’ Maxie threw up on Wednesday and ‘maybe’ his mother put down a towel and said, ‘there there dear, go back to sleep’ (I’m pleading insanity from the 102 fever of my own that day)

Today: Max wakes up with pink eye! $87.0o co-pay $20.00 drops

Give me a break already!

Today: the first day of 12 days off for the kids. Thank goodness because I swear it’s like I never see them anymore. Dripping. With. Sarcasm. (but you knew that)

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

And if even 1 person says in a comment “so why didn’t you go to the clinic for yourself again right away to the tamisil…” Famous last words!

Well, I wasn’t deported!

May I just say that the INS officers are almighty powerful folks who scare the living be-jesus out of me.  I am never ‘natural’ around them — I turn into a nervous wreck who says things like ‘I my kids love a lot’ ?? or ‘I working at home for California’ There aren’t even sentences that make sense in there!


Luckily they do understand nervous and let me rephrase!

We were interviewed for 2 hours — Can you imagine me on my best behavior for 2 hours? Yeah, me neither, but somehow, I ‘think’ we pulled it off.

Apparently, while the officer had the physical file, the electronic version had not been transferred from Texas to Durham yet and so not action could be taken! Government at its best – wait 2 years for the interview and they aren’t ready…

So – the dude said ‘if you don’t hear from here me in a couple of weeks then its good news’ – to which I replied ‘I don’t plan on answering the phone…’ See? I told you, nervous!!

Our lawyer emailed us yesterday to say that she received notice that our file was being electronically transferred, so we are hopeful that he is moving forward on our case!

Last night began Channukah, and unlike last year, there will not be 8 nights of gifts, talk about a) expensive and b)they just wanted to know what was coming next… Made us feel like not giving them anything at all!

As we were at a Channukah party last night – we are starting our family celebration tonight and it shall last all of one night! (we’ll light the memorah for the next week but all gifts will be exchanged this evening)

And I have been waiting for the magical year when my daughters age matched the age on the box of the kid section sewing machine and it’s here it’s here!!!!


She LOVES to make things and has been saying things like ‘I guess when I’m like 18 you will let me sew on your machine?’ Yup, that sounds about right, actually, but she now has her OWN machine to play on!! I hope she likes it.

Why do I hear crickets?

<enter left> Clearing dust off the shelves and poofing up pillows…

Many things have changed since I last poked my head in to look around. First of all – SeamedUP is closed! We gave it a fair (2 years) shake and decided to know when was ‘when’. Building a site of that magnitude was a programming nightmare and every time we thought we had it right–we didn’t!

Brye and I fell out of love. It happens. (but not with each other – I love you Brye!)

But good things come from everything!

SeamedUP put me ‘in the action’ — I learned about all of the social media/marketing aspects of running an online company. Did I become an ‘expert’ – no, I didn’t– but I did get to be pretty darn good at coming up with ideas and (mostly?) seeing them through! I really loved the marketing part of the site, building contacts, talking with people (lots of people), and decided that that was what I wanted to ‘be when I grew up’.

Just around that time; the ‘work card’ from INS showed up–we have been in the process of applying for a green card for about 2.5 years and as part of that process, I could not work as a dependent on my husbands visa until the magical card came in the mail. (side note: TOMORROW morning at 7:30 is our green card interview – anything can happen, sh***ing bricks as the saying goes, wish us luck!)

So it was time to go back to work. The twins were starting Kindergarden (I know!?) and while sitting around eating bon bons all day is a good life (please read the sarcasm in there) another paycheck would definitely help!

But darn it all – I have a total accounting background, from post-graduate degrees to 10+ years of industry experience in pretty fancy schmancy positions. The thought of getting up early — getting the twins off to school – getting myself ‘readied’ – driving to work – juggling a high pressure career with my littles who really know me as ‘momma’ – and still being the one who takes care of everything household related because trust me, magical changes in that department were simply not going to be appear — made me weary.

So I started calling all of those nice folks I met through SeamedUP and put the word out that I was looking for a job! And wouldn’t you know, the lovely Karen Johnson (director of marketing for Martingale) pointed me towards a linked in job posting for C&T Publishing – they were looking for an ‘interactive marketing specialist’ read: if its online – its yours- and I typed up a cover letter as quickly as possible and sent off my accounting resume with SeamedUP right at the top and hoped for the best.

I have been working at C&T for just over 4 months now and I have the best job in the world. I work with creative, smart, kind, talented, and funny people who value what I have to offer. I work from home so I am not running around like a maniac in the morning. I am here after-school (although we did hire an after-school nanny because the thought of after-care sounded like a really long day for 6 year olds and especially for Max!) so I get to see them during the day and hear about who their best friends are today and see the projects they made before they are too tired to care to show them to me. I can put a load of laundry in — but let me dispel the myth right here and now — people who work from home are actually working. So just as you sit at your desk and think ‘as soon as I finish this I will pee’ and then 2 hours later you remember ‘oh yeah, I had to pee’ it happens to me at home! I cannot tell you how many dinners I have BURNT!

But it’s a good life.

Who would have thought that at 41 I would have a complete career change!

From the accounting to the marketing department. It is pretty handy that I have those skills because you gotta know that I am running the numbers a lot – but the numbers just represent different things. Instead of dollars they are site visits!

So that’s what is going on around here.

And no, my husband did not magically turn into a more contributory partner in the household department but we are considering hiring a housekeeper — anything to keep the peace! And the kids are still learning that even though I am home, I am working and the other end of the conference call doesn’t necessarily need to hear them saying ‘I want a snack’!

SO – here’s hoping that everything doesn’t go to shit tomorrow. There is no reason why we shouldn’t be approved but man it is really scary to think that we may have to move back to Canada! Not that Canada is scary but you know what I mean!

I will keep you posted.

Oh and on the quilting front – SO MUCH TO SHARE WITH YOU!! please come back:)



A Wee Bit of De-Stash

Hello Friends!

A wee bit of De-Stash for some items that need new homes:)

Prices are on the photos. Prices INCLUDE SHIPPING.

Everything is from a smoke-free, pet-free home and they have been lovingly cared for while under my domain!

If you are interested – please email me mail@withinaquarterinch.com SUBJECT LINE must be the name on the photo (example J1 refers the Jelly Roll with J1 on the photo).

First to email AND send payment (paypal required) will get the item.

THANKS everyone!

Above: Miss Jump’s Scrap Bag Jelly Roll

Above: Shangri-La  Jelly Roll

 Above: Mother Goose and Friends Jelly Roll

 Black and White Jelly Roll

 Whimsy (by Fig Tree Quilts) Layer Cake

ABOVE AND BELOW: Same Fat Eighth Bundle on Tone on Tone shades of green and gold – lovely!