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Aqua Do-Doo

You know those blue pens that are handy for marking your fabric?

Kind of like this one.

And they leave a blue mark? Because they are supposed to. Which is great because I marked it for a reason.

But I don’t always want to ‘wash’ what I have marked to remove it. And I don’t have a sink nearby in my basement.

Aqua Do-Doo to the Rescoooo! (max calls it do-doo and I see no reason to correct him).

Aqua Doodle (for those without young one’s and therefore no idea what I am talking about) is a kid activity thingie where you fill this ‘pen’ with water and the write on their special (read: pricey) surface and it changes color when wet and goes back to blank when it dries. Hours of entertainment. Or heartache when they try non do-doo pens…

but I digress.

This little toy is GREAT for removing the blue pen marks without washing the item you marked! I am so pleased with myself about this one – I really am. Never mind hours of entertainment for them, I now have minutes of sheer pleasure for me:)

(ps – I have seen these pens sold separately from the kid activity thingie at stores like target and wal-mart)



How to make cute shelves …

So I had a little ‘dry wall stuff?’ leftover from the reno last year and some cute fabric and a couple of shelf brackets and of course, the requisite need for some new shelves…

Step 1:

wrap fabric tightly around yucky bit of ‘dry wall suff’ and use you staple gun.

Step 2: Use some gel medium to glue fabric bits (scraps, it you will) to hide those unsightly staples.

Step3: fear not – because it will dry clear.

Step 4: Hang as desired. (kind of like Quilt as desired).  I did it myself with my own power drill and wall plugs and screws and even managed to find the studs in the wall.  Only the middle shelf is a little, um, let’s say, rickety.Yes, it’s the one with a chair on it.

Come in for my close up, please.

Does isn’t look just SO cute!! Well, I thought so, so I took some pictures – and I realized what a colossal waste of space this delicious display was and ended up doing this:

Still cute(ish) but those Neutrals had to go somewhere!

Free motion quilting with Freezer Paper!

On episode 49 I talked about 1 of my newest uses for Freezer Paper. I absolutely love this! It makes me look like I can actually free motion quilt:)

Here is the quilt sandwich, prepared for quilting and tucking into the machine. Please note – I DID start from the center and worked my way out to the sides. I simply ironed the freezer paper shapes onto the quilt top and FMQ’d around them… so easy.

The ‘Why I need this’ Tip!

As I said on the latest  show Episode 49 – I wish I had started doing this with all of the doodads and gadgets that I HAD to have and then forgot to use and then forgot HOW to use them.

Just takes a second to jot down a note or two and then the forgotten doodads and whatchamacallits become the very gem you knew they would be when you purchased them…

Have a lot of old clothes you would like to upcycle?

I found this gigantic paper clip at Walgreens (It had to be a joke, right) but the joke’s on them because I have found a great use for it!

I attached outgrown (in record time, I may add) baby clothes to the table and attack um, ever go gently rip out the seams to reconstruct the garment in usable pieces for quilting and sewing projects!

This is one of my FAVORITE Sarah shirts!

This is what I was talking about.. Command Strips to the rescue!

Can you believe these were hung…

With these??!!

And they STILL haven’t fallen off the fall?  Have to admit, I had my doubts.

These are also GREAT for hanging quilts on the wall! I heart command strips.

How to ‘really’ know if your rotary cutting blade needs replacement

A tip from Moi. (me)

I realized a little while ago that no matter how hard I tried I could never remember when I’d last changed the blade in my copious ridiculous number of rotary cutters.  So – I just kept on changing the blades.  Nothing worse than an old blade in my book!

Then – I came up with this:

I just write the date I change the blade with a permanent marker right onto the blade itself!  I can remember guess how much cutting I’ve done since August 23 because I just have to look around me!