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A lucky day

Last week – I went into the LQS because I needed more ‘white’ fabric. Having not brought a swatch with me – I bought 2 different whites because I couldn’t remember if it was a moda or a kona – and I still don’t know because solids don’t have selvedges!

While I was there – a overheard this sentence ‘I will put it up on craigslist’….

My head immediately whips around and asks the owner -‘huh? what? something on craigslist from the LQS?’

She had just replaced her cabinetry! Lucky Day! I asked to see the old stuff and it was out back under a tarp and I said ‘I’ll take it! How much would you like for it?’ She said, if you just take it away, it’s yours!

And so yesterday – I had it picked up and delivered by Earl from ‘Early delivery’ (cute, no?) and you may be thinking that it went in the studio – but nope!  I needed it for the family room! Yeah!!!

Somewhere to keep the kids crap! I mean, toys. No I don’t, I really meant crap.

Isn’t it perfect there? It needs a little lovin’ but wow – I am so pleased with it!!!

See the blue sofa off to the right? That was in that little alcove before the delivery.

Am I wrong to be proud that this is all I found underneath it?


Mine – all mine.  Well, I do have to share it with my family.  But still – WE ARE THRILLED! We are moved in but not yet settled.  Will be soon. We have time. because I am NEVER moving again:)

Scissors and rotary cutters makes this girl happy!

How to make cute shelves …

So I had a little ‘dry wall stuff?’ leftover from the reno last year and some cute fabric and a couple of shelf brackets and of course, the requisite need for some new shelves…

Step 1:

wrap fabric tightly around yucky bit of ‘dry wall suff’ and use you staple gun.

Step 2: Use some gel medium to glue fabric bits (scraps, it you will) to hide those unsightly staples.

Step3: fear not – because it will dry clear.

Step 4: Hang as desired. (kind of like Quilt as desired).  I did it myself with my own power drill and wall plugs and screws and even managed to find the studs in the wall.  Only the middle shelf is a little, um, let’s say, rickety.Yes, it’s the one with a chair on it.

Come in for my close up, please.

Does isn’t look just SO cute!! Well, I thought so, so I took some pictures – and I realized what a colossal waste of space this delicious display was and ended up doing this:

Still cute(ish) but those Neutrals had to go somewhere!

Who says Laundry can’t be educational?

The poops are away so the Mommy will play….

I decided that I really didn’t like the fact that a wall in the laundry room was still the old stone tiles that are rather dark in color and therefore, helped to create a dark laundry room. I didn’t take a proper before picture – but you can get an idea here in the upper right hand corner.


And I kept finding paper that kids use to practice their letters on… so. One thing led to another


And now when I do the laundry (machines are on the wall facing this one) the kids can learn to read!  I mean, that’s how they learn, right?



Aw. Much better.  And the shininess see-through-ness (word??)  will go away as the wallpaper paste dries.

Yup. Wallpaper paste.  Love the stuff.


mama’s pillow cases…

My mother made these pillow cases for my own baby room 36 years ago.

I love them.  They need a little love themselves, some of the fabric is worn through – but of course, because my Mother is me and I am my Mother (don’t tell anyone that I have admitted to that fact, please) – she saved all of the scraps and now I have them.  They are kept in their own storage bin labelled ‘fabric from mummy’ and I will repair these gems and then I will make something great from those fabrics…

Or maybe in 36 years I will just give them to Sarah…

I think I only noticed the awesome piping at this very moment!


Img_8068 Img_8069 Img_8070

Babies Room Bunting

bunting, originally uploaded by Within A Quarter Inch.

I made this (inspired by Pam Garrison in a somerset studio issue) for the babies room before they were born…

You can see more detailed photos here

Let us all remember to….



I love this embroidery of the alphabet.  I made it while I was pregnant and it hangs on (one of) the babies nursery doors.  I used crayons to color in the images and then stitched away…  Ahhh – back when I wasn’t so exhausted after dinner and had a little something left in the way of energy.

Alphabet3 Alphabet2  Alphabet1

And just above that is…

The previous post was of the crates that I turned into shelves…

This is an actual shelf that I hung above those crates. The house has some of the miniatures I have made and those bottles were inspired by a Somerset Studios issue and that bag contains a bunch of the stuff that is sticking out of the top! Who knows when you’ll need some brown weedy looking stuff, right?