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I have a little plan for 2012 that includes making this total disaster area of studio

into something a little more like this…

Source: scrapbook.com via Allison on Pinterest

Won’t you join me?

The 2012 Studi-O-rganization CHALLENGE is on like donkey-kong to the break of dawn my friends!

Grab a button and hop on the studi-o-rganzation band wagon.

<a href=https://withinaquarterinch.wordpress.com/studi-o-rganization><img src=”https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-pRk0AHoX56A/Tv4kFt9wmnI/AAAAAAAAAQI/buZLyJDL2T8/s240/studio1.JPG” width=”200″ height=”175″ alt=”studi-o-rganization” /></a>

Details to follow – but aren’t you totally digging the New Year tradition of organizing? I know I am!

There will be

  • specific homework tasks (like inventory, another new year tradition, let’s not forget that I am an accountant after all!)
  • fun projects (windows need curtains, right) with tutorials
  • a ton of ideas for keeping all of your delightful delights where YOU need them!
  • challenges
  • Mr. Linky will make an appearance
  • Giveaways
  • And guest bloggers!

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17 Responses

  1. Totally psyched! Grabbing the button now. And so glad to see you dust off the blog.

  2. Need to do this myself. I have 2 spaces to organize. Desperately need to organize my fabric, tools and thread! Think I’ll join in.

  3. Sounds like fun. I’ll have a new space soon that needs turned into studio space from scratch.

  4. I have a new space to organize in 2012. I will be following for tips.

  5. This is great timing. I will be moving my sewing space soon and as a retired accountant, I love some organization. I will be following along.

  6. Wow. Organizing is on my to-do list, so I’m in!

  7. Just added your button to my blog. I’m partially organized in my sewing room, but can always use more and better ideas. Looking forward to this.

  8. Hey Great! Glad to have you aboard!

  9. I must follow this, mine is absolute disaster and maybe I can pick up some ideas

  10. Boy! This is something I really need to do… I’m highly organized at work but by the time I get home I run out of steam -lol- This will be good for me. Thank you.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  11. Next to quilting organization is my second love. Your room has really come together based on the pictures I saw on Seamed Up a while back. You must be thrilled.
    Jackie from Sew Excited Quilts.

  12. Oh goodness… your room is so huge.. I love it! cant wait to see what you do with it.

  13. I am very interested in joining in on this challenge. I’m in a temp. location in the house that is not at all functioning properly at this point in time. Until I get a permanent location, I need to come up with innovative idea’s to make it functional, yet movable for when (IF) if ever get a perm. spot.

  14. As long as we can do it on a very limited budget I am game!

  15. I’m so glad I found this challenge…it’s already got me thinking and planning as I move into my new sewing room. I’m sure I will be rearranging a few times until everything “feels right and works”.This is already becoming a great resource for me! I’m adding the Challenge button to my blog now!

  16. I am really looking forward to this. I have been working on my studio for the last couple of months but really have a LONG way to go. I know for sure I am needing to install some shelving to accommodate some of my stuff. Mainly what I need more than anything is to de-clutter. My sewing room doubles as my office as well. I also purchase a machine w/quilting frame so there is the additional supplies I need for that. Yep, definitely in on this one. I did make the curtains for my cutting table so I can use the under part for storage too. But the windows need them as well! So this came at just the right time! What I want more than anything for my sewing room????? TRACK LIGHTING! Now that will take some work to get accomplished…and money too!

    Cannot wait! Gonna be fun AND productive!

  17. Well darn,, I missed it!!! I didnt realize this was for 2012!!! lol I guess I procrastinated WAY too long this time!

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