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It’s a card. And it’s actually Green.


It really is green, hence the name ‘Green Card’ I suppose.

Green Card without picture. Property of US Gov...

Green Card without picture. Property of US Government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I got one! Hoot. Holler and carry on I tell ya’!


Can I just tell you that I so enjoy listening to all of the quilting podcasts and that I would really like to start up again. If only there weren’t so many hurdles in the way! I wish they were a ‘push this button and poof you are self hosted and all your old stuff is all there and can upload your shows directly to your own site’ instead of going through middle men that are hit and miss at best.

And while I may be ‘all that and a piece of cake’ social media maven for C&T Publishing (tongue deep in cheek – I pinch myself everyday that they haven’t caught on to me yet…) I did not have to do anything ‘techy’ to get it set up, I just roll with it – you know?

So here is a proposition of sorts… Does anyone want to be that button? I pay handsomely in praise, goodwill, and I have quite a lovely stash of fabrics, notions, and books that I would barter for the button in a heartbeat….

I have so much to tell you guys!! And let’s face it, I never was much of a ‘blogger for withinaqaurterinch’ (don’t tell my boss! ha!) I was a podcaster, and I want to be one again.

Oh and here is something that has me quite intrigued…

citysampler by Tula Pink Quilt Along

A quilt along hosted by Sara from SewSweetness  for Tula Pink’s book, 100 Modern Quilt BlocksI just ordered it from Amazon. As Sara says in her post, I missed the whole Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along and this one seems a lot more attainable in any case. (oh and – this is not a C&T book, so no affliliation!)

a NEW podcast is afoot!

You may have noticed that my life completely resolves around SeamedUP. Ask any small business’er and that is what happens. Natural turn of events.

Which is why Brye and I decided that SeamedUP needed a podcast of its own! The first episode is really about the site – why we started it, what it is, etc.

The second episode has a co-host which will be a continuing theme. The beginning of the show is about quilting! Because we love it so much! We have co-hosts that are quilters and we get to ask them lots of questions. Then there is a little site update because (see first sentence of this post!).

The co-host on episode 2 is Jaye Lapachet from http://artquiltmaker.com/blog

You can find the podcast by searching for ‘seamedup’ on itunes or listen online.

As always – we welcome feedback and if YOU would like to co-host just let me know:)

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