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A Dear Jane Block

Don't count me out of the Dear Jane Quilt just yet – I did this block WEEKS ago, and just forgot to post it…


Alive and kicking and still fighting the war…

Spent the last 5 days in Athens, Oh, our new ‘home town’.  It’s so beautiful and friendly – can’t wait to go:)  We put an offer on a house!


Still going back and forth with the details, but it’s looking good!

And yes, I will have a sewing room – but it will have to be in the basement (which is fine by me) and it will need to be ‘designed’ – boo hoo (not!)

And I have been working on some blocks, I think.


I HAVE made some CW blocks, but have yet to take the pictures, whoops!

AND you just have to check out this fabric, prairie paisley… I’m in love!



Dear Jane, I’ve been through a War

Here are some shots of my latest efforts with regards to the Dear Jane and The Civil War Quilts. Civil War First! Civilwar_3 Civilwar_1


And the Dear Jane Blocks:






Shownotes for Episode 13

Well well well – wonders do exist – posting the shownotes on the SAME day as I posted the episode?!  Impressing myself over here…

The fabric boxes that I use are sold by the gross – at firstchoicepackaging.com

The Dear Baby Jane blog that is a great gathering of woman (are there any men?) working together to keep motivated and create this mega quilt!  Here are the two squares I have done:
A2 is the gold and awesome background fabric (Same as seen here but in brown)

A1 is the green and background fabric – after I made that one I decided that my blocks would be 5" finished (easier to keep it straight in my head) so I added a border to it.  I do that A LOT – because I never really seem to get to the right size!

Blog of the pod:

That Silly Lil Doe – She has a great sense of humor that really comes through in her postings AND she is one crafty lady – my kind of combination! 

Tip off the old podcast:  (really, if anyone has a better working title for this bit of the episodes, I’m all ears!)

This is really last weeks Tip – creating your own one of these – with a little cup, fabric scraps and a seam ripper you have a great tool for cutting apart any chain piecing you do – try it, it really works well!

This week’s tip is to use your pins diagonally rather than horizontally – this way, it is much easier to remove the pins when sewing AND you have less pin distortion on the fabrics as well – it is not my original idea but for the life of me, I don’t remember where I heard about this… If you know, let me know so that I can give proper credit:)


And now for some of the websites I mentioned during the episode…

Quilters TV

Sew on TV

Twiddle Tails (the lady behind the dear baby jane site)

Big Slider Close Bags in Bulk

Hhhmmmm – I think that’s it folks!