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Pinterest… A giveaway!


Update: We are only 8 away from 4,000 as of September 1st. Thank you so much for playing along, and soon, the giveaways!


Hey guys!

I love Pinterest – (so do you, I suppose!) and I have been pinning and curating all kinds of crafty goodness since the site launched!

I am really close to 4,000 followers – in fact, right now I have 3,917.

So – in the interest of reaching a little goal of mine – I am having a giveaway for anyone who helps me get there!

And it’s a GOOD one!

1 winner will receive the gorgeous, July release from Stash Books, A Month of Sundays, written by Cheryl Arkison of Sunday Morning Quilts fame!

A Month of Sundays and another winner will receive a new release from Barbara H. Cline, Diamond Chain Quilts, she also wrote Simply Triangles – which is also an awesome book!

Diamond Chain Quilts

Full Disclosure! I work for C&T Publishing–the publisher of both these titles.

So all you have to do is follow me on Pinterest – then leave a comment saying that you have done so – and I will randomly pick 2  winners on AS SOON AS I HIT 4,000 FOLLOWERS. The winners will be notified by email and added as an update to this post. Please note that International winners will receive e-books versions. (Sorry gals, I can’t afford Int’l shipping:( )


PPS. Thanks for playing:)

34 Responses

  1. I am following you. No matter if I win or not, I love your boards!

  2. Hi Allison, I just started following you. I love your boards and now have another reason to get lost in Pinterest.:)

  3. I just started pinterest and haven quiet figured it all out yet. I just followed you.

  4. I am following u on Pinterest! Looks like I will be spending hours checking out all your boards- FUN!

  5. Following on pinterest

  6. Happy to see you posting again on your blog. I have really missed your podcasts, but you are forgiven considering your busier than ever life. Nice to know you’re on pinterest, and I can follow you that way.

  7. Hi Allison, I’m following you too! Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. I’m following you on pinterest — on so many of your boards I could probably not follow anyone else and never miss anything again!

  9. I’m a follower!! Thanks!

  10. I am now following you. WOW, you have a lot of great stuff. I’ll be repinning a lot.

  11. I just started following you as well. Awesome boards!

  12. I just started following you today! Still wishing/hoping you will bring your podcast back!!!!

  13. I’m a follower! Thanks for this fun giveaway and for sharing your beautiful board….

  14. I follow! This is a great giveaway.

  15. I am following you on Pinterest! Can’t wait to look through your boards!

  16. I have just followed you on Pinterest, and looking at your boards, you have some GREAT STUFF!!!

  17. I have just started following all your boards on Pinterest. It looks like I’ll be very busy perusing the wonderful things you have pinned. What fun!

  18. Your boards hold some WONDERFUL things!! I am now a follower on Pinterest! Thanks for the giveaway and thanks for sharing your talents

  19. Love all your quilts pins, following closely!

  20. Of course I have been following you forever! I think you told me about it first. Love it and love this giveaway.

  21. I am a new follower. Good luck with your goal.

  22. I am following you on Pinterest starting today! I love to sew (mainly) quilts so I am looking forward to your posts. I also teach an arts/crafts class to 5th graders and I paint (mainly watercolors.) you can follow me too at http://pinterest.com/doreen016/boards/ thanks! 🙂

  23. Now following!! Good Stuff!!

  24. I am following you on Pinterest….I’m a fan from your podcast days!

  25. I am following you on Pinterest Just discover your board.

  26. wow- I am now a follower – what FUN!!!

  27. I follow on Pinterest. Thanks for the chance

  28. I am now a follower on Pinterest.. Miss your podcasts

  29. I am already a follower! I love Pinterest!

  30. I am now following on Pinterest!!

  31. Hi, Allison, I heard you on Hip to be a Square this week, and decided to check out your blog. I’m now following you on Pinterest.

  32. Hey April! Thanks for the follow on Pinterest and I’m glad you find me from Pam’s podcast:)

  33. I follow on Pinterest. Hurry back to podcasting, we miss you! It was great hearing you with Pam this week!

  34. I follow you!!!

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