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Today is the day that we finally have someone coming to our home to help Max. It’s been a long road of Services that are NOT available through insurance – only through medicaid – which he is not eligible for because his parents make too much money (ha!! that’s a good one). A long road of waiting lists – two of which we are still on. But today is a big step in the (please please please) right direction. We have thought so before only to be told – nope, can’t help.

PS – Max has mild CP (hypotonia and ataxia in case you know what that means), poor gross motor planning skills, he is developmentally delayed, has no impulse control, and most recently, we are discovering that he is autistic.

2013-03-16 12.37.09And of course, it goes without saying that while he has some serious mood swings – he is as sweet as watermelon in August.

8 Responses

  1. I always thought of your state as being the role model for services. How disheartening.

  2. Glad to hear from you and so glad the slow wheel of bureaucracy is turning your way. Hope it goes well! Miss you!

  3. Hope you and Max come out ahead on this venture. He is indeed a handsome little boy.

  4. Good luck. It is difficult navigating services, especially when you don’t quite know what’s out there, or exactly what you need. It’s like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

  5. So glad you are finally getting some help. Everyone with a special needs child needs all the extra help they can get.

  6. Sad that services are not made readily available to you and the fight to get them (covered or not) is exhausting and emotionally draining. I am glad you are getting some help.

  7. Wonderful to hear from you Allison. Hope these services are what Max needs. He is an adorable looking little boy.

  8. Max is blessed to have you as parents. May you all learn the skills you need to grow through this challenge

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