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#citysamplerfun My City Sampler Process

So I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to participate in Sara’s (from Sew Sweetness) City Sampler Quilt Along featuring Tula Pink’s latest book City Sampler

First of all – I really like the book. I like that Tula decided not to name the blocks, but to number them instead and leave the naming to us. I also like the layout – a lot – on the left is the block as made by Tula and on the right is the block drawing that shows where seams are made and the cutting dimensions and uses the same fabrics as it has on the left page –  – but sketched to let the overall value come through rather than color.

This made choosing different fabrics than the ones she chose a lot easier because as long as you follow value, the quilt is going to work, and at 100 blocks, I sure as heck hope it looks good all together when its done!

#ctiysampler choosing fabriI say that it made choosing fabrics easier – but I lied! I may know the value I am looking for – but that certainly doesn’t mean I picked a fabric without agonizing over it!

Another thing I love about this book is that its vibe MADE ME FEEL like it’s OK to write in it, glue fabric to the pages, and anything else that makes this particular copy of the the book MINE!

#ctiysampler choosing fabri#ctiysampler choosing fabri

#ctiysampler choosing fabric

#ctiysampler choosing fabric

#ctiysampler choosing fabric

#ctiysampler choosing fabric

#ctiysampler choosing fabric

#ctiysampler choosing fabricI hope you enjoyed seeing my process of choosing fabrics! I have made more blocks since these photos were taken, and I do intend to update the blog as I go along.

But Allison – what are those papers you have paperclipped to the pages?

Those are freezer paper paper piecing pattens that I drafted using the measurements in the book. I love accuracy, and FPPP is my new favorite way to achieve it!

There is an amazing tutorial at the twiddletails shop that I always go back to if it’s been a while since I used the method.

It does take longer to piece each block, and I do have to figure out the best way to sew them so that it works with FPPP (or any paper-piecing method) but I enjoy the process so I’m cool with it.

One Response

  1. Your blocks are so cute! My favorite is the one with the yellow cross in the middle.

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