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it has been a week, i’ll tell ya

Last Saturday, hubby went out of town for a conference. (one week ago today) Sarah took ill. Cough. Fever. Poor dear.

Off to the clinic ($87.00 copay).

Tamisil (like the morning after pill but for the flu – I swear I have no better way to put it! and it curbs that monster but good) $67.00.

Sunday. Mom takes ill.

Monday. Sarah home from school. Max late for school. Mom calls in sick.

Tuesday. Sarah back at school. Max in school. But they are both late. Mom calls in sick on her deathbed. Dad comes homes with Stomach bug.

Wednesday. Sarah at school. Max gets picked up from school with 103 fever. Mom still on deathbed. Dad still… well, you know, it’s the stomach bug.

Max goes to clinic. Mom goes to clinic. $87.00 copay for two today, please. Tamisil for one. (the morning after not the morning after the morning after….)

Thursday. Max is home. Sarah throws up at school. Mom still on deathbed (but a deathbed that drives, mind you). Sarah at home.

Friday. We give up – no one is even trying to go to school this day.

Saturday. Today. Mom is coughing so much that her can picture her head splattering on the walls. Well, maybe not. But ouch.

Today: wash 4 loads of ‘for your puke only’ pillows, sheets, towels, clothes, snuggly friends, and perhaps toss a small pillow with a waffle print away that we all know was a goner.

Today: vinegar and water on the sofa where ‘maybe’ Maxie threw up on Wednesday and ‘maybe’ his mother put down a towel and said, ‘there there dear, go back to sleep’ (I’m pleading insanity from the 102 fever of my own that day)

Today: Max wakes up with pink eye! $87.0o co-pay $20.00 drops

Give me a break already!

Today: the first day of 12 days off for the kids. Thank goodness because I swear it’s like I never see them anymore. Dripping. With. Sarcasm. (but you knew that)

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

And if even 1 person says in a comment “so why didn’t you go to the clinic for yourself again right away to the tamisil…” Famous last words!

7 Responses

  1. WOW…we’re sick at my house…but nearly as bad as yours! You poor, poor dear. Feel better soon!

    PS-You’re still VERY funny when you’re sick.

  2. Wow, what a week! Hope you are all feeling better soon and can enjoy the holidays 🙂

  3. Ooh, boy, is that ever an Allison story! So sorry for all the crud in your house! Feel better – all of you! Happy Holidays?!!!!

  4. Oh, Allison, what a week! Wishing you and your family HEALTH and happiness this holiday. Take care.

  5. Actually i would like to praise you for trying to get Tamsil. Too bad it was too late but I have seen it save lives even though the payors dont want to pay hospitals for its use!

    My question is did any of you have the flu shot? This year I have heard of several instances where despite the shot they got a nasty bug.

    Take care and crawl under a warm blanket and rest!

    Best wishes for a health start to 2013, and one filled with few copays

  6. Hope you all get better soon. Sorry to hear about all the illness.

    Hope you are well by Christmas and have a Merry one!

  7. I know why you didn’t go to the clinic…because the last thing you want to do when you are dying is sit in the waiting room at the doctors office!

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