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Well, I wasn’t deported!

May I just say that the INS officers are almighty powerful folks who scare the living be-jesus out of me.  I am never ‘natural’ around them — I turn into a nervous wreck who says things like ‘I my kids love a lot’ ?? or ‘I working at home for California’ There aren’t even sentences that make sense in there!


Luckily they do understand nervous and let me rephrase!

We were interviewed for 2 hours — Can you imagine me on my best behavior for 2 hours? Yeah, me neither, but somehow, I ‘think’ we pulled it off.

Apparently, while the officer had the physical file, the electronic version had not been transferred from Texas to Durham yet and so not action could be taken! Government at its best – wait 2 years for the interview and they aren’t ready…

So – the dude said ‘if you don’t hear from here me in a couple of weeks then its good news’ – to which I replied ‘I don’t plan on answering the phone…’ See? I told you, nervous!!

Our lawyer emailed us yesterday to say that she received notice that our file was being electronically transferred, so we are hopeful that he is moving forward on our case!

Last night began Channukah, and unlike last year, there will not be 8 nights of gifts, talk about a) expensive and b)they just wanted to know what was coming next… Made us feel like not giving them anything at all!

As we were at a Channukah party last night – we are starting our family celebration tonight and it shall last all of one night! (we’ll light the memorah for the next week but all gifts will be exchanged this evening)

And I have been waiting for the magical year when my daughters age matched the age on the box of the kid section sewing machine and it’s here it’s here!!!!


She LOVES to make things and has been saying things like ‘I guess when I’m like 18 you will let me sew on your machine?’ Yup, that sounds about right, actually, but she now has her OWN machine to play on!! I hope she likes it.

10 Responses

  1. Glad he didn’t know you were taking pictures.

  2. Hi Alison- This is the year my daughter is getting a “real” sewing machine. Here’s hoping we don’t kill each other when I try to teach her how to sew!

  3. I wasn’t! This is a stock photo I found on google — getting into that building is like an airplane and they do NOT want any electronics on board!

  4. Good luck to both of us Pam… I think our daughters are equally headstrong and therefore, perhaps, a little less ‘teachable’….

  5. Oh Alison, the sewing machine for your daughter is a GREAT idea! When I was in fourth grade I was in the hospital for a few weeks and my coming home gift was a children’s beginner’s sewing machine. Which was very surprising since my mom was not a sewer or creative at all. Although there might have been a motive behind it, because guess who learned how to hem her dad’s pants at a very young age, Haha!
    Oh how I wish I still had that machine. So my advice is to save that machine when she outgrows it. Even if she no longer shows an interest in sewing, someday, she may turn 40 and decide to start sewing again & she’ll wish she still had that very first machine.


  6. So, so glad you are back to blogging. Good luck to you and take more pics of your daughter and the darling sewing machine.

    …….maybe you will start podcasing again????

    Kathy in Kansas

  7. Whew – thank goodness you can stay here!! o:) Love the kid sewing machine – start them young!!!

  8. That is such a great story! I will definitely keep this machine:) She was SO excited when she opened it! She wants to make a lot of things: a quilt, a small quilt with a mermaid on it, a really big quilt with a mermaid on it, and a princess castle quilt, and a bag, and sunglass case (which confuses me since she doesn’t have sunglasses – but maybe she is hinting at something?)

    Thanks for dropping by Debby – I can’t believe how many people still give a hoot about me and my life – it’s a wonderful, thankful, feeling:)


  9. Wow, what a grueling process. I think I would have needed to visit the little girl’s room a few times in that span of time, if I was that nervous.

    Anxious to hear how the sewing machine goes over. I have debated buying one for my granddaughter (she will be 3) but she sews on mine (on my lap so far) so I think when the novelty of sitting on my lap wears off before she is ready to be on her own… humm. Can’t wait to see pictures.

  10. I am glad to read the good news.

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